Taskforce RIP

TaskForce Rip now available with I-Trap!

Consider these many benefits of TaskForce Rip with I-Trap:

  • Standalone Trapping station: Output trapped PDF from any incoming source.
  • Move trapping to an earlier stage in your workflow.
  • Easier workflow management.
  • Preflight: The rip and interactive viewer are excellent ways of checking ahead.

TaskForceRIP is a new Lucid product that is designed to rip source PS, PDF and EPS jobs to several output formats. Trapping is an integral part of the RIP using our famous raster Trapping Engine. However, output files can also be generated without trapping.

The RIP is easy to configure. One can create as many configurations, called “Queues”, as needed to produce different types of output data. Each queue can contain more than one output plugin and therefore generate simultaneously raster data of several formats.

The RIP generates output using Lucid’s I-Link plugin technology. Available output formats are currently PDFx/1a, JPEG, 1-bit TIFF (Hybrid screening technology), Delta list, and I-PDF files that contain a special trapping layer.

The RIP works with the I-Trap Viewer giving the ability     to run interactive jobs along with automated jobs.

1. This is the Rip overview showing how the rip is processing the job.


2. This is the Queues manager tab for general layout and other settings.


3. This is the Queues manager tab for working folder, spool folder post processing settings.


4. This is the Queues manager tab for trapping settings. Can be enabled or disabled


5. This is the Queues manager tab for selecting output plugins.


6. This is the Ports Manager for creating virtual printers according to the defined Queues.